Cigarette Smoking During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful and mysterious period in every woman’s life. The expectation of a miracle that will become the sense of pregnancy smokingyour life, who will be all for you and, finally, who will change completely your life is impossible to describe. Still, it is quite difficult state. During this period of time, woman has to think not only of herself but also of her baby. Women give up their vicious habits in favor of their future baby. Unfortunately, nowadays there are many women who do not seriously take their situation and continue to live their previous life.

Smoking is the most frequent pernicious habit among pregnant women. Regardless, the harm which smoking causes to person’s health, the percentage of women-give-up-smoking-harder considerably increased. Although smoking affects either mother’s health or her future baby, just 20% of women give up this drug during pregnancy.

If mother puffs during her pregnancy, this may lead to awful consequences for baby’s health, as in the physiological aspect so in the mental one. The most visible result of smoking during pregnancy is small-for-date-fetus development, in simple words, the height and weight decreasing of fetus. It is connected with smoking occur various abnormalities in placenta, thus, fetus receives less oxygen and nutrients. The more smoke is inhaled by mother, even if she doesn’t smoke herself but is often in smoky room, the more is expressed the level of baby’s hypotrophy.

Babies, whose mothers are exposed to smoking, suffer from colic in gastrointestinal tract twofold more often than those of non-smoking ones.

The research people from South California University discovered that children, whose mothers and grandmothers smoked, have risk of asthma appearance. This risk increases in 1.3 times even though only mother had smoked, in 1.8 times- if smoked only grandmother and in 2.6 times scales up in case both mother and grandmother smoked during pregnancy.

The scientists of Western Australia University measured children’s concentration of some important proteins in immune system. And they found out the significant lack of two substances, which respond for the acquired immunity formation to allergens in those children, who were exposed to nicotine in mother’s womb.

Smoking during pregnancy enhance the risk of miscarriage and loss of baby, in other words, it contributes to misbirth.

Because of woman’s unwillingness to quit smoking, many babies are born with heart birth defects, brain defects, mental abnormalities.

The international research group from Amory University, Atlanta, state Georgia, disclosed a link between the pregnant women smoking and the subsequent tendency to criminality. They generalized the data about 4 thousand men, who were born in Copenhagen during the period September 1951 to December 1961 and their arrest history. It was found that those men, whose mothers smoked being pregnant, twofold more often found themselves in jail for crime of violence.
We can provide lots of facts referring smoking impact on pregnant women, as the similar examples are infinite set.

So, if you desire to give birth to healthy baby without any aberrations, you just need to give up this smoking addiction as early as possible. The health of your future baby depends only on you!

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