Daily Archives: February 4, 2010

A global view on smoking bans

While Indiana may only now be getting around to discussing whether smoking should be banned in bars and restaurants, other parts of the world are taking matters a lot further.

FDA Requests Another Major Budget Increase

Less than a week after President Obama proposed a spending freeze on nonsecurity-related federal programs, the US Food and Drug Administration released its fiscal year 2011 budget request, calling for a 23% increase. FDA is asking for a total of $4.03 billion in FY 2011 “to promote and protect public health,” according to an agency press release.

World Cancer Day 2010 - “Cancer Can Be Prevented Too”

At a time when Cancer still remains a feared and dreaded disease, our headline - “Cancer can be prevented too” may sound a bit incredible, and clichéd, more so as cancer still remains theleading cause of death worldwide. For this reason, it has been a constant endeavor by the WHO and the International Union against Cancer to address ways to reduce the burden of cancer, and the (4th of February) each year is dedicated as World Cancer Day. The theme for 2010 looks at a key facet - Prevention of Cancer.