Daily Archives: February 9, 2010

3rd Hand Smoke Study Has Legal Implications

Thirdhand tobacco smoke, what the New York Times called “the invisible yet toxic brew of gases and particles clinging to smokers’ hair and clothing,” reacts with a common indoor air pollutant to cause very potent cancer-causing chemicals, a new study shows. This finding has important implication for employers, parents, fetuses, and for e-cigarettes, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), America’s first antismoking organization.

US’s AAA Rating Imperiled by Health Care Costs - Moody’s

Although Moody’s Investors Service has warned that the U.S. could lose its AAA credit rating if it fails to take “radical action” to curb health care costs, so-called “reform efforts” are focused on providing additional medical services to more people and shifting the costs, rather than taking any steps to significantly reduce the diseases and the expenses themselves, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, whose own actions have helped slash billions in health care costs.

Japan Tobacco Oct-Dec Net Profit

TOKYO -Japan Tobacco Inc. (2914.TO) said its net profit for the fiscal third quarter declined 34% on year, Japan tobaccoblaming foreign exchange factors and a slump in domestic demand.

One month on: smoking debate smoulders

A LOG fire crackles invitingly outside, casting shadows on the wall of Plato’s new beer garden. At the neatly arranged tables tobacco in barcustomers are chatting, laughing and smoking.

Lorillard To Enter Moist Smokeless Tobacco Category

NEW YORK -Newport cigarette maker Lorillard Inc. (LO) announced Monday it will soon enter the market for moist smokeless Lorillardtobacco products, but said that an earlier joint venture with Swedish Match AB (SWMA.SK) to develop a new product in the U.S. had been mutually terminated.

Cigarette Ingredients Investigated, Again

Cigarettes have a lot of ingredients which can be carcinogenic, according to many studies. That’s why the Food and Drug Administration wants to list all the ingredients used in cigarettes and other tobacco products.