Daily Archives: February 17, 2010

Upbeat at Altria, Focus on total tobacco opportunities

SAN FRANCISCO - On a recent February day, the man behind cigs4us.biz/marlboro-cigarette spoke about a business under siege. Whether from increased PM and Altriafederal taxation to municipal smoking bans, cigarettes and its OTP brethren—together muscling some 40% of total inside convenience store sales—are often portrayed as gasping from the onslaught of legislative assaults.

Tax on pipe tobacco opposed

That last essential trait is now under attack. A bill before Congress proposes to increase the federal excise tax on pipe tobacco, making it equal to the recently enacted tax on loose cigarette tobacco purchased by smokers who “roll their own.” If passed, the bill would tax pipe tobacco at nearly $25 per pound, an increase of 775 percent.

E-Cigarettes Cause Acute Health Risks

E-cigarettes pose “acute health risks” which “cannot seriously be questioned” because they contain “toxic chemicals,” and the devices also “presents a serious risk of addicting new users, including children,” the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has just reported to a court about to decide whether sellers may continue to import the new products into the U.S.