Daily Archives: March 4, 2010

What’s Sexier: Obama’s Smoking or His Nuclear Weapons Policy?

On Monday, as I walked to the White House for the daily press briefing, I bumped into a Canadian journalist who was heading there as well, and we engaged in a common practice: guessing what topic would dominate the questions for press secretary Robert Gibbs. Health care, I said, explaining that this was still the main narrative of Washington’s political theater: Would President Obama resolve to use the reconciliation procedure to push his health care overhaul over the finish line? “Not the new Nuclear Posture Review?” she asked, almost incredulously. I chuckled and politely shook my head. “But it’s on the front page of The New York Times,” she exclaimed.

Snus Campaign upscale U.S. markets

RICHMOND, Va. — General Snus, the original Scandinavian snus introduced more than two centuries ago in Sweden, is now commanding a promotional army in the United States. Swedish Match has launched a multi-million-dollar campaign aimed at introducing the refrigerated pouches to upscale audiences in key U.S. markets and at high-end events, including the Sundance Film Festival and New York’s Fashion Week.

S.C. Tobacco heritage, Art hits the trail

A new group is hoping to use an old trail to promote area artists and tourism.