Daily Archives: March 9, 2010

Debate continues over e-cigarettes

As the debate over the electronic cigarette continues , the device has found at least three true believers in Jackson County.electronic cigarettes

Kruger takes next step in taxing Native American cigarettes

State Senator Carl Kruger is still fired up about taxing tobacco.

U.S. FDA advisory meetings through May 12

DATE: March 30-31, 0830/1230

Southeast Asian tobacco use study published

A Minnesota report on Southeast Asian cultural perceptions regarding tobacco use was released in February, producing data to Asian amokersbetter understand the prevalence of smoking in the Southeast Asian communities of Minnesota. Read the reports in their entirety at http://www.preventionminnesota.com/doing_page.cfm?oid=6678.”Tobacco use in Minnesota: A Quantitative Survey of Cambodian, Hmong, Lao and Vietnamese Community Members” was completed in November 2009 and released in February as the product of Diverse Racial Ethnic Groups and Nations, a research project to measurably reduce tobacco use in the state’s four primary Southeast Asian communities.