Daily Archives: March 10, 2010

European Union Objects to Ireland’s Intention to Establish Minimum Prices for Tobacco

The Irish Fiscal officials claim they have agreed with tobacco companies to establish minimal prices for tobacco products primarily in order to crack down the sales of low-cost cigarettes across the country. The government considers that assigning the bottom limit for retail price of a pack of 20 cigs would prevent sellers from the capability to offer particular brands at the reduced prices.
european union
However, The European Union’s Trade Commission has argued that Ireland government is not qualified to establish the minimal prices for tobacco products, including cigarettes. In case the Commission challenge against the government of Ireland, which is due to be considered during the first week of March, will win, Irish smokers could see prices on cigarettes and other tobacco items drop in the nearest future.

FDA Initiative Aims to Speed Development of New Medicines

NIH and the FDA have announced a partnership to speed theFDA development of new medicines and make them available to patients as quickly as possible. By increasing communication between the two and funding new research on the science behind product evaluations, officials from both agencies believe the initiative can shorten the time between discoveries in the laboratory and their translation into safe and effective therapies for patients.

Education takes a small hit in final Utah’s budget

SALT LAKE CITY — Republican legislative leaders and GOP Gov. Gary Herbert settled their final budget issues Tuesday, and public education will take a small reduction next fiscal year.

Imperial Tobacco hit by concerns on earnings growth

Imperial Tobacco was a casualty yesterday as the FTSE 100 continued to flatline near its 18-month high.Imperial tobacco