Daily Archives: March 11, 2010

What Top CEOs See for 2010

When it comes to economic and industry forecasts, we all have plenty of sources to consult, from the latest International Monetary Fund brief, to our neighbor’s blog, to the trailing-12-month width of Larry Kudlow’s pinstripes. Although not immune to error or exaggeration, I often prefer to heed CEOs’ expectations. After all, they’re the guys and gals in the trenches.

Maori vs big tobacco

Amid a barrage of Maori people calling for tough controls and the eventual banning of smoking, a tobacco company today asked for smokingcurrent sale display rules to remain the same.

Tobacco warnings go explicit

Pictorial warnings on tobacco products are set to get scarier.Tobacco warnings

Tobacco tax hike would hit hard

Convenience stores and tobacco shops bristled Wednesday at attempts to balance the state’s budget on their backs.

Ahead of World Expo, China acts to promote smoking controls

BEIJING, - Thirty-two-year-old Sun Ling is not a heavy smoker. But for 10 years, Sun, a civil servant in Shanghai and a father of a world expo 2010 in china5-year-old, has become used to indulging himself with one or two cigarettes after lunch at work.