Daily Archives: March 12, 2010

Food is the new tobacco

Americans love to eat. I love to eat, and chances are, so do you. We love food so much, in fact, that our collective waistline is expanding to near-catastrophic proportions. Regardless of your opinion of the mainstream press’ breathless reporting on the obesity “epidemic” plaguing this country, the simple fact of the matter is that Americans are increasingly overweight and/or obese to the point of illness. Fortunately, the power to change is within each of us; unfortunately, there are some who are more than willing to “help” us along, by force if necessary. Like tobacco a decade ago, we’re on the verge of a war on food.

Tobacco’s appearance in advertising, films and TV shows may seduce a new generation

WHAT first attracted me to the multi-millionaire, Franco-Swiss financier and philanthropist Arpad Busson? It wasn’t his acute actor smokefinancial acumen, the fantasy of a life with a raffish demi-aristocrat on the Cote d’Azur, nor even the size of his hedge fund, but something more rebellious – it was the lit fuse that dangled so insouciantly between his thin lips.

Government and Big Tobacco make Native Americans the Low Man on the Totem Pole

Tucked away along a waterway in Mastic, Long Island is Poospatuck, the smallest Indian reservation in New York State. It means “Where the water meets” and is home to 400 enrolled members of the Unkechaug tribe of Native Americans. It’s difficult to discern where exactly the reservation begins and ends. There are no visible signs to guide your way, no glow from a towering casino to mark the spot. Once you happen upon Poospatuck, however, there’s no mistaking you have arrived.