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Tobacco industry’s tactics

Tobacco use is a social phenomenon largely propelled by mass media over the past century, led by tobacco
industry professionals who constantly change strategies to reach their goals.
They combine the resourcefulness of a profit-making industry with a changing media and regulatory landscape
to sell a product that remains our greatest public health challenge. We will not remove tobacco from our
society unless we are willing to understand the industry’s constantly changing tactics.
— Dr. Tim Johnson, ABC News Medical Editor, August 2008

The War on Soda: The economic case against it

WITH THE federal deficit reaching $1.4 trillion and most state budgets deep in the red, policymakers are desperate for new sources of revenue that the tapped-out public might support. They think that they’ve found one at the corner store: a tax on carbonated beverages. Charging more for a soft drink, legislators claim, will not only refresh exhausted state and federal coffers - it will make us thinner.

Did Camel Ads Encourage Teen to Smoke?

MONDAY, — Does your teenage or college-age daughter read fashion magazines such as Glamour or Vogue? Does she smoke?camel 9

Smart tactic: Tax tobacco

Discussions regarding revenue in the state of Louisiana are met with deep suspicion by legislators and statewide officials fearing retribution from voters. While the prospect of higher taxes intimidates any voter, legislators and governors are wary, rightfully so, about the impact of tax policies upon attempts to attract future businesses and residents.

PACT Passes Senate

WASHINGTON — Last Thursday, the U.S. Senate unanimously approved legislation to crack down on black market tobacco selling. The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act closes loopholes in current tobacco trafficking laws, enhances penalties for violations and provides law enforcement with new tools to combat the methods being used by traffickers to distribute their products. PACT, which addresses longstanding convenience store industry concerns, is a “major win” for retailers, according to NACS senior vice president of government relations Lyle Beckwith.