Daily Archives: March 24, 2010

E-Cigarette: Help or Hinder for Smoking Cessation?

It relies on electricity, batteries and liquid nicotine instead of matches, fire and tobacco and is starting to creep up in various areas electronic cigarettesas an alternative to regular cigarettes but is it really healthier than regular cigarettes? While the industry that makes them touts their healthier qualities the e-cigarette may not be all that it’s made out to be. The federal government is troubled by tests showing that soelectroSmokeBNPS_468x348me contain cancer-causing chemicals as a result the FDA wants to regulate e-cigarettes as a drug-delivery device, similar to how nicotine gum, lozenges and patches are handled now. Because the devices are sold in flavors such as apple and vanilla the same concerns about children being targeted (as with flavored cigarettes) is also raised.

Effects of Passive Smoking on the Young

More than 22,000 children seek medical help for asthma and wheezing as a result of passive smoking every year, according to the young smokersfirst UK assessment of the impact of second-hand smoke. The 200-page report on the health impacts of passive smoking on children, and the costs to the NHS, concludes that it is responsible for thousands of avoidable hospital and GP visits, as well as for one in five sudden infant deaths.

Imperial Tobacco Sees Weaker Volumes on Eastern Europe, U.S.

Imperial Tobacco Group said it sees a 4% drop in cigarette volumes in the first half of the year due to supply disruption in the Middle East and certain weak markets. In a trading statement, the company, however, confirmed that its overall performance and financial position for the year ending September 30 remain in line with the management’s expectations.