Commonwealth Brands Shocked by FDA Rules

The U.S tobacco giants barely managed to celebrate their victory against Native American online tobacco sellers, after the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT) Act was approved by the Congress, when the US Food & Drug Administration spoiled the festivity by introducing new rules, rigorous and excessive.

Commonwealth Brands Inc., the fourth biggest tobacco company across the country was shocked to familiarize with the latest rules approved by Food & Drug Administration. The regulations published last week, are not the new ones, but a reissued copy of 1996 regulations, which explain and enforce restrictions on promotion, marketing and advertisements of cigarettes and other tobacco items.

Anthony Hemsley, Commonwealth Brands’ vice director of corporate affairs, declared Commonwealth Brands expressed its support for the regulations intended for reducing teenage smoking rates. Nevertheless, as regards other regulations, the Agency once again showed its ignorance and lack of respect for tobacco industry it is supposed to control. Although the tobacco companies closely collaborated with FDA experts, their opinion was completely sidelined, according to Hemsley.

He also mentioned that there is only one way to establish fair and meaningful rules is to cooperate with the industry. Implementing the regulations that are only needed to torture a legal industry, which generates billions in duties for the state and federal treasury, provides thousands of semi-qualified workers with well-paid jobs and works with thousands of small businesses across the nation, is an absolutely ridiculous practice.

Two provisions of the regulations issued by the FDA have recently been proven to violate constitution, while another provision, which features removal of many brands from the American tobacco market, is also definitely an offence to the commercial free speech rights, according to the company.

Commonwealth Brands’ vice director declared, “We have no idea why should a legal industry go to the court to prove its rights under the constitution? How much money paid by the simple people should be spent by this Federal Agency for the legal proceedings and when the Federal Food and Drug Administration finally understands the need to respect the legal rights of tobacco industry, and apply their efforts where they are indeed needed?

“It is absolutely incorrect for the Agency to have a different approach to the tobacco industry, comparing to other businesses it controls. Instead of establishing reliable relations and create reasonable policies, the FDA is only considering the opinion of ubiquitous and one-sided anti-smoking advocates, who are neither interested in respecting the rights of adult smokers that buy legal products, nor understand the dimensions of the economic consequences their excessive and draconian measures can lead to.”

Commonwealth Brands is the U.S. subdivision of Imperial Tobacco, the fourth largest tobacco company in the world. Among the most popular brands, there are Davidoff, USA Gold, Sonoma and Montclair. The company also markets tobacco products such as Premier, Bali Shag and Rave. It is headquartered in Bowling Green, Ky., with more than a thousand of employees across the USA.

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