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Tobacco Control Act

The Tobacco Control Act 2009 (Act) criminalises the act of smoking in specified areas. The act of smoking is not, in itself, illegal. The aim of this article is to identify the areas where smoking is not allowed; identify the potential consequences of breaking the law, and clarify some of the provisions in the act.

Scientists look to tobacco as a potential biofuel

RICHMOND, Va. — Some researchers say an age-old cash crop long the focus of public health debate could be used to help solve tobacco plantthe nation’s energy crisis, by genetically tobacco-energy-source.

Ferrari Finds Smoke Without Fire

Racing fans got a good look at Ferrari’s new Formula One cars in the opening Grand Prix of the 2010 season in Bahrain: In one of the dullest races in recent memory, Fernando Alonso completed 49 laps without incident to take the checkered flag, with teammate Felipe Massa close behind.

Passiv Smoking and Children

Smoke-free legislation in the UK has been a success. Making enclosed public places smoke-free has proved highly popular, achieved widespread compliance, improved indoor air quality, and reduced passive smoke exposure. Most businesses, including those in the hospitality trade, have adapted successfully to the legislation. The health benefits, particularly in terms of reductions in acute cardiovascular disease, have proved substantial. With a few exceptions, of which the tobacco industry is one, smoke-free legislation has been good for just about everyone.

All 50 states passe fire-safe cigarette legislation

“Fire Safe” cigarettes, hailed by the fire prevention organization the National Fire Protection Authority as an effective fire Fire safe cigarettesprevention tool, will be sold in all 50 states by July 2011 per recent.

California to Decide on Legalizing Marijuana

California voters will decide this November whether to legalize and regulate adult recreational use of marijuana. The secretary of marijuanastate on Wednesday certified that a Bay Area-based effort to put the issue on the ballot has collected enough signatures to do so.

Half of states ban tobacco use in prisons

A month before Virginia banned smoking in its prisons, Warden Daniel Braxton decided to kick his own 50-year smoking habit.

Lorillard Tobacco’s Principal Scientist to Represent Tobacco Industry

GREENSBORO, N.C., - Lorillard Tobacco Company (NYSE: LO) today issued the following statement after notification that Dr. J. Daniel Heck, the company’s principal scientist, will serve as a non-voting representative of the tobacco manufacturing industry on the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee of the Food and Drug Administration.

E-Cigarette: Help or Hinder for Smoking Cessation?

It relies on electricity, batteries and liquid nicotine instead of matches, fire and tobacco and is starting to creep up in various areas electronic cigarettesas an alternative to regular cigarettes but is it really healthier than regular cigarettes? While the industry that makes them touts their healthier qualities the e-cigarette may not be all that it’s made out to be. The federal government is troubled by tests showing that soelectroSmokeBNPS_468x348me contain cancer-causing chemicals as a result the FDA wants to regulate e-cigarettes as a drug-delivery device, similar to how nicotine gum, lozenges and patches are handled now. Because the devices are sold in flavors such as apple and vanilla the same concerns about children being targeted (as with flavored cigarettes) is also raised.