Smokeless Tobacco Launches a Attack on U.S. market

General Snus, a smoke-free moist tobacco product originated in Scandinavian countries in the 19th century, is currently holding a massive promotional campaign across the United States.

Swedish Match, the manufacturer of General Snus brand has introduced a multi-million-dollar marketing drive intended for bringing the steam-cured tobacco pouches to wealthy tobacco-lovers in major markets across the nation. The General Snus are also promoted at high-end events, such as New York Fashion Week and several notable Film Festivals.

Snus are made and sold in cooled pouches packed in cans. The consumers put these tobacco items between cheek and lip and sip it getting their portion of nicotine. Snus is extremely famous among upscale professionals in Sweden, where the product saw the world for the first time almost two centuries ago. Whereas these products are still relatively unknown to the majority of American smokers, they are going through an outstanding growth of popularity since the initial nationwide launch in 2000, according to Swedish Match.

The latest General Snus promotional campaign – under slogan “Satisfaction: the Original Pursuit”— was launched at the Sundance Film Festival held in Salt Lake City in January, where Swedish Match has acquired sponsorship deal. Other venues for the marketing campaign include art shows in New York, Boston and Los Angeles, and New York’s Fashion Week.

Lars Hansson, the communication director for Swedish Match told the press that in Scandinavian countries snus has been generally used by the upscale audience, and that has been the major reason why the latest General Snus campaign is oriented at appealing to American fashionistas and white-collar professionals.

He added that the company is delighted to launch the new product in the new but already popular category of smokeless tobacco and consider that General Snus has all the features to gain the leading position in that segment.

Besides, being represented in trendy events, the General Snus drive will reach four key American markets: Dallas, Chicago, New York and Boston. The product will also be marketed at famous ski resorts, such as Aspen, Park City, and Breckenridge. The focus will be put on distributing the Snus among adult tobacco-lovers, especially visitors of clubs, restaurants, large office centers and other high-end venues. Swedish Match plans to distribute half a million of sample production.

The marketing campaign that will last for six months as well comprises sponsorship deals with eminent athletes and funding of athletic events. Moreover, the campaign will also involve communication on social networks, like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.

Mr. Hansson said that General snus has been available in nearly 600 tobacco outlets across the nation, and their major aim is to increase the number of stores where the product is available to 1, 200.

Taking into consideration the constantly dropping number of public places where tobacco consumers can smoke, the smokeless tobacco offers a great option for smokers.

Swedish Match has a large portfolio of smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco and cigar brands, among which are General, Cohiba cigars, 1847, Red Man and others.
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