Daily Archives: April 16, 2010

Why does Major League Baseball still allow smokeless tobacco on the field?

This year, millions of people will watch the Orioles at Camden Yards or on TV. We can’t know whether the O’s will win or lose, but smokeless tobacco
there’s at least one thing every baseball fan can be sure of witnessing: spit tobacco use.

Smoking ban lawsuit goes up in smoke

Farmington Hills — Oakland County’s sudden reversal Thursday of its threat to sue the state over enforcement of the state’s smoking ban added fuel to the battle over who would make sure smokers don’t light up indoors after May 1.

Insurance industry not shy about investing in fast food

Some major insurers, including Newark-based Prudential, have invested heavily in fast-food companies, according to a new analysis Junk foodby Harvard University researchers.

Tobacco tax rise could drive people to black market

A $6.50 RISE in the tobacco tax being considered by the Rudd Government could drive smokers to the blackmarket and deprive the discount cigarettesGovernment of tax revenue, convenience stores warned.