Daily Archives: April 20, 2010

The War on Cigarettes

Add another chapter to the long and voluminous history of government’s failed “Vice Wars.” Just like Prohibition and the so-called “War on Drugs,” the ongoing cigarette crackdown in both the United States and Canada has not only failed to achieve its objective, but it is creating bureaucracies that threaten liberty and prosperity as well as spawning a violent subculture that puts lives at risk on both sides of the border.

Marijuana - the most commonly abused drug in the U.S.

Contrary to the beliefs of those who advocate the legalization of marijuana, the current balanced, restrictive, and bipartisan drug marijuanapolicies of the United States are working reasonably well and they have contributed to reductions in the rate of marijuana use in our nation.

Big Tobacco Vs. Big Pharma

As support for medical marijuana grows and states consider proposals to legalize the drug for recreational use, advocates on both sides of the debate over whether to end the war on pot are pooling their collective resources to help push their agenda.

Alejandro Robaina, Grower for Top Cuban Cigars, Dies at 91

Alejandro Robaina, Cuba’s most revered tobacco grower, whose leaves wrap the country’s finest Habano cigars, died Saturday at his Alejandro Robainahome near San Luis. He was 91.

Smoking Restrictions And Bans In Connecticut

For many years, the state’s Elks and Moose and ethnic, military and loyal orders of every brand have been free to drink, smoke and exchange secret handshakes in private clubs.