Electronic Cigarette – Pros and Cons

E cigarette is basically a battery powered device which Vaporize nicotine present in them without producing any toxic smoke.
It is a common thing that people are always suspicious about new products. Of course, there are pioneers who except innovations without any doubts, but they are in a minority. For the rest, who are still undecided whether electronic cigarettes can be a healthy alternative to traditional tobacco, cigarettespedia.com offers to read this article.

It should help you to weigh all the pros and cons of the electronic cigarette use and to determine your own, independent opinion. It is not emphasizing the benefits of electronic cigarette smoking or, conversely, focusing on its harm. The article aims at finding out the real facts concerning this relevantly new product.

If you open any user manual for electronic cigarettes, it declares that this product has the significant advantages over the conventional cigarettes. Here are some of them:

tick symbolDoes not contain the 4,000 chemicals, carcinogens or tar found in tobacco cigarettes
tick symbolNot affected by the smoking ban in the UK so can be used in public places legally
tick symbolThere is no second hand smoke
tick symbolLooks, feels and tastes like a normal cigarette
tick symbolInclusion of purified nicotine satisfies cravings thus making them a genuine alternative to a tobacco cigarette
tick symbolNon Flammable and therefore not a fire risk
tick symbolLess expensive when compared to smoking normal cigarettes
tick symbolCleaner - No ash or butts
tick symbolOdourless - no smell clinging to your clothes or furniture and no bad breath
tick symbolDesigned to satisfy both the psychological and physiological effects of smoking
tick symbolVarying strengths of nicotine cartridges are available as well as a variety of different flavours
tick symbolNicotine free cartridges are available
no symbolNo large scale tests or clinical studies have been conducted to date
no symbolContains nicotine - a highly addictive substance
no symbolLow public awareness
no symbolLooks like a normal cigarette - confusion is likely
no symbolEstablishment owners may be sceptical and not allow it on their premises
no symbolMisidentification may send signal it’s OK to light up a normal cigarette
no symbolThey are battery operated meaning that you could find yourself without and reaching for a normal cigarette
no symbolThere is still a possibility that this product could get banned

On the basis of mentioned above advantages some hospitals in USA (e.g. in Tampa, Florida) made a decision to allow the use of electronic cigarettes within their facilities. It was determined by the fact that smoking is a recreational privilege that while banned in most public places, can be done with the alternative electronic cigarette without offending others. This new invention allows the smoker to get their nicotine fix just like the coffee or soda drinkers get their caffeine fix. The benefits to management comes in the form of increased productivity in the workplace since the employees do not have to waste time traveling to designated smoking places; they no longer smell like a smoker and their employees health is not adversely affected by tobacco smoke.

In the mean time, the electronic cigarette (or e-cigarette, as it is often called) has been under the fire from the FDA since 2008. That year marked the start of the FDA’s efforts to prevent e-cigarettes from entering the United States. To date, there have been approximately 50 shipments refused.
FDA bans e-cigarettes

In May 2009, the US FDA’s Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis tested the contents of cartridges by two vendors. Dyethylene glycol was detected in one of the eighteen cartridges. In addition, tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) were detected in all of the cartridges from one brand and two of the other. Further concerns were raised over inconsistent amounts of nicotine delivered when drawing on the device. In July 2009, the FDA issued a press release discouraging the use of electronic cigarettes and repeating previously stated concerns that electronic cigarettes may be marketed to young people and lack appropriate health warnings. The researchers caution that electronic devices can be even more harmful than standard cigarettes, can lead to nicotine addiction. The availability of different flavors like strawberry can attract children to them.

The FDA’s study was reviewed in July 2009 by scientific consulting firm Exponent, Inc., in a report commissioned by the manufacturer of one of the electronic cigarettes tested by the FDA. Some of the criticisms in Exponent’s report are poor standards of documentation and analysis. Exponent lists previous studies that have detected TSNA levels in FDA-approved nicotine-replacement therapy products comparable to those the FDA detected in their study, and objects to the FDA making no comparisons to such products in their analysis of electronic cigarettes. Ultimately the review concludes that the FDA’s study did not support the claims of potential adverse health effects from the use of electronic cigarettes.

The presence of trace amounts of TSNAs in electronic cigarette vapor was previously documented in an October 2008 analysis performed by Health New Zealand Ltd. and funded by the electronic cigarette manufacturer Ruyan. However, unlike the FDA study, this study conducted detailed quantitative analysis and concluded that carcinogens and toxicants are present only below harmful levels. The final conclusion of the safety report is:”Based on the manufacturer’s information, the composition of the cartridge liquid is not hazardous to health, if used as intended.

The controversy surrounding electronic cigarettes and the FDA continues. As reported by CNN, New York Times and USA Today, the FDA lost its first battle against e-cigarettes in a federal court and is appealing the ruling. Although Green Smoke and other e-cigarette producers have tested their products with independent laboratories, the FDA and anti-smoking groups have not accepted this evidence of the product’s safety.

However, in March of 2009, Health Canada has issued the advisory against the use of e-cigarettes. The advisory stated “Although these electronic smoking products may be marketed as a safer alternative to conventional tobacco products and, in some cases, as an aid to quitting smoking, electronic smoking products may pose risks such as nicotine poisoning and addiction.” In other words, Health Canada is advising Canadians not to purchase or use electronic smoking products, as these products may pose health risks and have not been fully evaluated for safety, quality and efficacy by Health Canada.

As to World Health Organization, it has declared that it doesn’t consider electronic cigarettes to be the legitimate smoking cessation aid. “WHO has no scientific evidence to confirm the product’s safety and efficacy. Its marketers should immediately remove from their web sites and other informational materials any suggestion that WHO considers it to be a safe and effective smoking cessation aid,” said Dr Ala Alwan, Assistant Director-General of WHO’s Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health Cluster. WHO underlines that if electronic cigarette producers insist on their product to be an appropriate nicotine replacement therapy, they need to conduct clinical studies and toxicity analyses and operate within the proper regulatory framework to be able to provide scientifically grounded facts.

To make a conclusion, we must say that it is not proven yet that electronic cigarettes represent the secure aid for smoking cessation, although some benefits over the conventional cigarette smoking are obvious. At least electronic cigarettes do not produce second hand smoking and tar, which is so harmful for the human body. However, we would recommend to abstain from a constant use of this product, considering that its safety and the absence of negative impact on human’s health are not still accepted by the official bodies as US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization. And nobody knows whether they ever accept it.

26 responses to “Electronic Cigarette – Pros and Cons

  1. Well seeing as e-cigarettes are pretty new, I’ll list what I believe the pros and cons are:

    Pros: May help you kick the addiction, can come cheap, only need one if replaceable battery

    Cons: Worst is that it won’t get rid of your addiction.

  2. Pros of cigarettes- ???
    Cons of cigarettes- lung cancer, respiartory problems, death.. ect.

  3. I notice much better lung capacity, stamina, overall skin appearance is much better - not so pasty. No more smokey smell, no more brushing my teeth after every smoke (which was killing my gums more than the smoking). No more 2nd hand smoke anywhere around myself, my dog, my kid or my husband. It’s really quite lovely

  4. Braniff Watson

    Its a good thing to note that electronic cigarettes may in fact come with a risk of some side effects like a sore throat, headache, dry mouth and bad after-taste. In the scheme of things, this seems like a small price to pay to finally be able to successfully quit smoking and to be able to avoid the dangerous risk of lung cancer to ourselves and others.

  5. Would somone please name these hospitals that are allowing the use of E-Cigs.

    I see this oblique reference routinely in e-cig literature, and the hospitals are never named.

    I’ve written an ecig company which put out a press release saying a hospital had just allowed ecig use, but then didn’t name the hospital.

    So, at this point, I’m very skeptical. And I’m still asking - what are at least some of the hospitals that allow the use of ecigs


  6. I say the e-cig is very helpful. Theres different flavors. And no harm to my family.

  7. The e-cig is very helpful. my friend told me about them i thought they would suck.but they are actually very good.

  8. I seems the reason the FDA does not want to approve the electronic cigs is because their friends, the tobacco corporations, may lose billions. leave it up to the government to decide what is better for you huh? make coventional tabacco smoking legal so their friends get richer and ban the one that does not hurt the environment or you. wow. don’t you just love it?

  9. I bought e-cig and I love it! I can breathe better, run faster without stopping every 5 minutes, and most of all my lungs are on it’s way to getting better. So what if FDA does not want to approve this product? This is what I needed and it certainly helped me. And oh, the money I’m saving goes to better things rather than burning my lungs. $2400.00 a year! Need I say more???

  10. Gregg (COOP) Cooper

    E-cigarettes have helped greatly my wife and myself to quit tobacco use for one month. We’re so happy and DO MAKE SURE TO CUT THE LEVEL OF NICOTINE DOWN so as to completely get off all together. Of course the FDA hasn’t approved of the product. How many BILLION OF DOLLARS would they not get as PAY OFFS!!!!!! Think about it!!

  11. Duane(the Motts)

    I have only been using this for a week. I found a lo-cost website for it. (americaneliquids.com) They have everything. I ordered one for $9.00 from a compeditor. They wanted to charge me $100.00 after i tried it for 14 days. I returned it without opening the cartrige. I haven’t found any ill effects from it. My friends have been using it for months. Some have quit completly. Some have just switched to flavors with no nicotine. It keeps me from having the “Sweet Tooth” cravings. Too many people say when the quit tabbacco they gained weight. WORKS GOOD FOR ME !!!!

  12. i bought an electric cigarette recently and they are really good. i am off ‘normal’ cigarettes and have not even been tempted to go back to them. they are also much cheaper. the battery in mine can be recharged in its carry case which is convenient, i also have a spare just in case.

  13. I am looking into the e-cig but can’t seem to find which one is the best one. There are so many company’s to buy them from. Can someone please suggest a good and inexpensive one. I looked at americaneliquids.com but there is no such website. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help.

  14. I made the switch and am very glad I did. I’m in the process of losing weight and trying to become more healthy. I am a smoker so trying to change my diet, begin an excerise routine AND quit smoking was TOOO much at once. So I tried the ecig from Smoketips. I really liked them and I can go alot longer at the gym now. I have cut my nicotine in half by buying lower dosages of nicotine gradualy and have not gained weight!!! YEAH I hope to soon be at 0 nicotine and still be thin and alot healthier!!! Mt family is VERY happy about this too :)

  15. I have went from smoking a pack a day to a couple drags a day of my electric ones. Please let this be a huge step in the right direction!!! :)

  16. I just started using an e-cig I bought at a gas station…it’s called 21st century or something. I LOVE it…i have tried to quit smoking sooo many times and today i just quit not withdrawls no mood swings.

  17. This is to Patty…I have tried many e-cigs. I can suggest V2cigs.com cost is great and so is the service.
    If you have friends sign up you smoke for free…I do menthol and it is more of a mint….taste great. check it out.

  18. I have been using the v2cigs and love them. I smoked full reds but am now down to the med.s. Even after a few days you start to feel your energy level go up and my chest isnt so heavy when i wake in the am. I also just purchased the menthol for my mother who is currently battling lung cancer and is having a hard time kicking the habit. Shes tried patches and chantix but if your a smoker you know its not the same without having it in your hand. Shes 1 day tar and guilt free and couldnt be happier. If your still debating on buying one..get it, try it and if you dont like it v2cigs will refund you if you return it, you got nothing to lose.

  19. I bought a e cig, smoking joes at a flea market and I have noticed insomnia and joint pain since… anyone else experience the same? don’t get me wrong it’s day 3 with no cigarettes and I was a 20+ year smoker who was down to 1/2 a pack… nice having the alternative hopefully to quit for good… just would like to know if anyone else experience the same and if it went away… thanks

  20. e cigs works. since i started no more wasting $$ on packs. only con is a slight sore throat. works for me

  21. I’ve been using Encore for a week. Smoking has cut down by 30%. This may be the trick. 40years of smoking a pack plus a day. It seems to lessen my disire to go outside and ligkt up. My greatest problem… What to do while driving… It Works… I CAN DO THIS!!!

  22. Mistic ecigs from most Wally Worlds and T/A America gas stations. I smoked 2 packs a day for 46 years. It took me 2 weeks of using both
    to cut down to ecig only. But I did it! My breathing has gotten alot better, no wiesing anymore.
    Good Luck to you all!!



  24. joseph vetter

    I’ve been smoking for forty yrs tried so many times to quit;Now the e-cigarette is here, the best thing thats happened for quiting smoking two months I’ve refrained from cigarettes thanks to e- cigarette thank you!As for the FDA take a look at the contents of canned foods if that don’t make you sick what can. I say ban the use of perfume in fancy resturants that really makes you sick.

  25. Hoosier e cig is the way to go.My husband and I were two pack a day
    smokers.We haven’t smoked a cig since Nov.13.We have saved about350 dollars a month.No smoke,no dirty ashtrays.love them!

  26. I’ve been trying the E-cig for almost two months and even though I still have a half a pack of cigarettes in my car I haven’t had the urge to go back. I’ve been smoking for 50 years, and I no longer weeze at night nor do I long for a cigarette the first thing in the morning. Where the hell were these things my 432nd times I’ve tried to quit before

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