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Michigan’s workplace smoking ban takes effect on May 1

The mystery when Michigan’s workplace smoking ban takes effect at 6 a.m. Saturday is what will happen.inside smoking
Will bars and restaurants have their required “No Smoking” signs posted and ashtrays removed? Will smokers be defiant or even confrontational? Will local health departments be deluged with complaints?

Philip Morris International 1Q profit rises

Higher selling prices helped boost cigarette maker Philip Morris International Inc.’s first-quarter profit 15 percent, but results missed Philip Morris giantexpectations due to pressure from steep excise taxes in some countries, and the weak economy.

Lorillard’s 1Q Profit Up 26%

NEW YORK -Lorillard Inc.’s (LO) first-quarter profit jumped 26% as its cigarette shipments increased and the company’s Newport Lorillard  tobacco Companymenthol cigarettes grew their market share.

Health Officials Angry Tobacco Taxes not spent On Public Heath Campaigns

Last year 15 states, including the District of Columbia increase state duties on cigarettes raising the average tax across the states from $1.18 per package of 20 cigarettes in 2008 to $1.34 per pack.

Effects of Smokeless Tobacco Products Overblown

Smokeless tobacco products remain far less popular than cigarettes in the U.S. Yet a collection of products that deliver nicotine smokeless tobaccowithout smoke—including dip, chew, snuff and newer items that look more like chewing gum—have sparked a heated debate about health risks.

Smoking May Be in Your Genes

For some people, quitting smoking could be especially difficult because their dependence may be explained in part by genetics, threesmoking cigarettes new studies suggest.

Australian Cigarette Display Has US Smokers Burning

An anti-smoking art display in Sydney, Australia, financed by a pharmaceutical company has some American smokers burning mad.quit smoking

Reynolds American turns higher profit than forecast

Susan Ivey, the top executive of Reynolds American Inc., likes to tout flexibility and resiliency as two core company strengths.Reynolds Tobacco

New FDA Regulations Could Change Smokers’ Habits

For decades, tobacco lobbyists fought against any kind of federal regulation of cigarettes and tobacco products — and for decades, no regulations existed. Cigarettes had less federal oversight than both pet food and makeup — in part because of a 2000 Supreme Court decision that ruled that the Food and Drug Administration was not allowed to regulate nicotine without Congressional approval.