Daily Archives: May 7, 2010

Panel defers bill on smoking in casinos

On a close 8-6 vote, the House committee that handles health issues sidetracked legislation Thursday that would limit smoking in tobacco in Casinocasinos.

Analyzing Australia’s cigarette packaging regulations

The headlines are as recent as a puffed smoke-ring, wafting intact: Australia proposes regulations mandating plain packaging. Plain, in this instance, bears no relation to the “less is more” school of thought subscribed to by many designers; rather, it means sans logo, branding images, and color. Furthermore, promotional copy will be limited to brand name and product designation, and even then of a standard font, size, position, and color. In dwarfing contrast to that austerity, will be graphic, color photos of cancer, augmenting prominently-placed warnings. The intended end-result is packaging that, at a distance (for example, a sales counter), is indistinguishable across brands. As such, a more apt description might be generic packaging.