Daily Archives: May 11, 2010

Winners and Losers from Tobacco Regulation

National governments in Europe and overseas are clamping down on smoking, both as a public health policy and to raise tax revenues. Bans on smoking in public places, restrictions on tobacco marketing, and rising excise taxes are causing headaches for tobacco manufacturers around the globe. The extent to which restrictions will be implemented is not yet known, and in this report we examine some of the proposals on the table. We conclude that several of these measures may not lead to the material consumption declines that their proponents expect, and that for those manufacturers with the strongest brand equity and the broadest portfolios, increasing regulation could create opportunities to stabilise market share.

Hookah Becoming Popular With US Youth

The hookah, generally associated with feudal India, is becoming evermore popular in the West. The water-pipe bars are becoming a regular haunt of the youth in north America, Canadian research suggests.

New York’s anti-smoking fund cut, smoking rises

ALBANY, N.Y. - In the last three years, New York’s once heralded anti-smoking program has been cut three times by a total of 30 percent and as its TV spots, quitters’ help line and free nicotine patch programs were scaled back, 105,000 adults started smoking who otherwise might not have.