Daily Archives: May 13, 2010

Massachusetts to force stores to post graphic signs vs. smoking

Massachusetts is poised to become the first state in the nation to force retailers to prominently display graphic warnings about thegraphic signs vs. smoking perils of smoking right where cigarettes are sold — at tobacco sales racks and next to cash registers.

A new strategy for treating tobacco addiction

The tobacco addiction epidemic is a major public health problem worldwide. Professor Zhao Baolu and his group from the State Key

Elena Kagan a Pragmatic New Yorker on a Careful Path to Washington

WASHINGTON — She was a product of Manhattan’s liberal, intellectual Upper West Side — a smart, witty girl who was bold enough at 13 to challenge her family’s rabbi over her bat mitzvah, cocky (or perhaps prescient) enough at 17 to pose for her high school yearbook in a judge’s robe with a gavel and a quotation from Felix Frankfurter, the Supreme Court justice.

House overrides cigarettes tax veto, 90 to 29

House lawmakers voted Wednesday to override Gov. Mark Sanford’s veto and thereby increase the state’s cigarette tax to 57 centscigarettes tax from its current 7 cents level.