Daily Archives: May 14, 2010

Oil spill science: The smoking gun

Science journalist Mark Schrope is aboard the research vessel Pelican, which is spending the week studying the Deepwater Horizon Oil spilloil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Check back to The Great Beyond for daily mission updates.

Tobacco graphic campaign

Big Pharma rumbles with Big Tobacco

Federal officials are planning new regulations on tobacco products, including those marketed as alternatives to smoking — such as Big Pharma with Big Tobaccodissolvable tobacco tablets sold by Camel. But some of the men and women on the government’s official advisory panel have financial ties to the drug companies selling competing products, such as Nicorette. One government adviser even holds a patent for a new nicotine gum.

What it takes to quit smoking

Higher cigarette taxes, smoke-free policies, exposure to aggressive media campaigns and access to cessation programs that include counseling are among the biggest factors that help smokers kick the habit, according to recent studies from the Centers for Disease Control and the North American Quitline Consortium, a nonprofit that promotes quit-smoking hotlines.