Daily Archives: May 31, 2010

Scientists consider Cigarette Use will be eliminated completely by 2050

Prominent public health scientists admit that landmark Tobacco Control Act approved last year by the U.S. Congress has not only given the U.S. Food and Drug Administration the authority to regulate tobacco products, but is also a major step to eliminating cigarette smoking across the country within 30-40 years.

World No Smoking Day

To smoke is to breathe in smoke through cigarettes, cigars, pipes and to let it out again. Those who inhale smoke are called tobacco free daysmokers and those who smoke tobacco regularly are called heavy smokers or chain smokers. Smoking is not a must like food and drink. However, many people are addicted to smoking to such an extent that they say that they can live for days without food and drink but not without a smoke. There is a limit to the quantity of food and drink that a human being can consume because after a while the consumer loses his appetite but in the case of smoking there is no limit, There are smokers who light cigarettes, cigars or beedi one after the other and those who have the pipe always in the mouth .Such persons are called chain smokers.