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Falling into the tobacco trap

In the recent past, Big Tobacco has stepped up its advertising campaigns for a new target group — women. Set against a hot pink quit smokingtag which screams ‘Smoking is Ugly’, the World Health Organisation’s Global Tobacco Epidemic Report 2009 gives the alarming numbers — of the five million who die annually of tobacco abuse, 1.5 million are women.

U.S. gene study reveals toll of heavy smoking

Heavy smokers who get lung cancer may have tens of thousands of genetic mutations, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.

Secondhand Smoke Serious Health Risks to Children and Pets

What is Secondhand Smoke?Secondhand Smoke Risks to Children

Exposure to smoking in movies among British adolescents

Exposure to on-screen smoking in movies causes youths to smoke. There is a ‘dose-response’: the more smoking youths see, the more likely smoking in Movies, DiCapriothey are to smoke, with heavily exposed youths about three times as likely to begin smoking as lightly exposed youths, after controlling for other factors linked with smoking (peer smoking, parental smoking, academic performance, exposure to cigarette advertising and other factors).

Louisiana Committee rejects smoking ban bill

A House panel rejected a Senate-passed measure Tuesday that would have banned smoking in Louisiana bars and casinos — likely ending the battle in the 2010 legislative session.

AT&T led pack in lobbying expenses

Despite a modest agenda, communications giant AT&T spent up to $1.1 million in the first quarter of 2010 on lobbyists, more than any other principal.

Suspect in giant cigarette smuggling case declared guilty

A Cigarette wholesaler from Kentucky was declared guilty in huge federal case related to smuggling of cigarettes worth millions of dollars.

Industry should cooperate with FDA, new tobacco chief says

WILLIAMSBURG, Va.—The top tobacco regulator at the Food and Drug Administration signaled to industry executives Monday that he would take a firm approach to overseeing the industry, but pledged to keep an open mind about new products and ideas to reduce tobacco-related illnesses.

Big tobacco’s huff and puff is just hot air

Legal threats over plain cigarette packaging have no basis in law.