Daily Archives: June 1, 2010

Rules vague on using medical marijuana in public

Years ago, as Tom Daubert envisioned a medical marijuana initiative for Montana, one thing never crossed his mind.

Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming

No matter how overwhelmingly the scientific community may back a research study, naysayers can always find a scientist to support the global tobacco warmingopposing view on issues ranging from tobacco smoke to global warming.

Minnesota smoking ban still divisive after five years

MINNEAPOLIS - There are just a few weeks left before Milwaukee bars go smoke-free, but residents of the Twin Cities haven’t been able to take a drag inside a bar for the last five years.

Duty-free cigarette ban is on the cards

Cigarettes will disappear from Britain’s duty free shops after a period of being sold from “behind closed doors” as the Government BRITISH DUTY-FREE SHOPtightens anti-smoking laws.

UCSF analyses detail tobacco industry influence on health policy

Three new UCSF studies describe the wide reach of the tobacco industry and its influence on young people, military veterans and national health care reform.