Daily Archives: June 8, 2010

Albany Lawmakers Pass Big Cuts in Health Care

ALBANY — State lawmakers approved $775 million in cuts and other savings from New York’s health care budget on Monday after [caption id="attachment_6811" align="alignright" width="190" caption="Geralda Moise, holding sign, was among those at the Capitol in Albany protesting cuts in health care aid, which appeared likely to pass. "]Keep kids healthy[/caption]Gov. David A. Paterson inserted the reductions into emergency spending legislation submitted to the Legislature to keep the state government from shutting down.

States Illogically Looking to Cigarette Taxes as Deficit Panacea

Across the country, states big and small are facing significant budget gaps. In California, the worst case by far, candidates for state office are debating how to close a $19 billion budget deficit. In Florida, meanwhile, another multi-billion dollar budget hole is on the cards, and looks set to grow with oil drilling off the Florida coast now off the table. Still other states are facing similar situations, if on a less disastrous scale. While many serving in statehouses nationwide will advocate for spending cuts, as opposed to tax increases, in some states, tax hikes are already being put on the table, with so-called “sin taxes” demonstrating renewed appeal.

E-cigarettes worry anti-tobacco groups

BENNINGTON — E-mail, e-Bay, Esurance, E-Trade, and now e-cigarettes.