Daily Archives: June 10, 2010

Smoking Linked to Increased Depression Risk

Individuals who smoke cigarettes may increase their risk of developing depression, according to results from a large longitudinal study from New Zealand researchers.

Could FDA Panel Conflict of Interest Endanger Menthol Cigarettes?

At least four groups are now questioning the credibility of a federal advisory panel created to study tobacco product safety, menthol cigaretteschallenging two members with financial ties to drug firms that make smoking cessation products. At issue: Will the duo push to ban menthol ciggys and favor smokeless products?

Tobacco Taxes Finance Terrorism

The next terror attack on America could be a self-inflicted wound — specifically, a cigarette burn.

Heart attack have fallen since smoking ban

The number of people admitted to hospital for heart attacks has dropped by an average of 100 a month since the introduction of the smoking ban in England, research shows.