Daily Archives: June 15, 2010

Kagan had role in Clinton White House’s big fights

WASHINGTON - For four years as a White House lawyer and aide, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan had a hand in many of the Elena Kaganmajor issues that drove and vexed the Clinton administration.

Sugar industry acting more and more like Big Tobacco

Before you chug down another regular soda, or spoon sugar into your tea or coffee, consider this: There’s a heated debate going onsugar industry over the health risks of consuming too much sugar, high-fructose corn syrup and other caloric sweeteners.

Paying More to Use Tobacco: City raising smokers’ premiums

Winston-Salem workers who use tobacco will be eligible only for the city’s basic health-coverage plan.smoke cigarettes

Cigarette industry hit with novel claim for compensation

The cigarette industry is facing a novel new claim for compensation over its 1990s smuggling spree, which has already led to heavy big tobacco industrycivil and criminal penalties against four tobacco companies.

Arbitration to begin in tobacco dispute

Financially pressed states might have to return $1.1 billion to Big Tobacco this year, if a review finds the states aren’t trying hard enough to keep a 12-year-old legal settlement from hurting the companies too much.