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A colorful death by tobacco

I once knew a man who would order multiple meals and a diet soda. He was morbidly obese, a man of robust appetites and grand gestures who died around his 50th birthday. But as tragic as he was, there was always something mildly hopeful — if also totally perverse — about the token nod toward “health” implied by those Tab colas. Sure, he was consuming 15,000 calories in one sitting, but his beverage choice allowed him to hold on to his last vestiges of dignity. As out of control as he was, this was somehow proof he hadn’t yet hit bottom.

Russia to adopt mandatory warning labels on cigarettes

Russian tobacco producers will introduce warning messages on cigarette packs on Saturday to enhance public awareness of smoking-risia smokersrelated mortality threats.

Smoke Less New Yorkers. No, More. Do It Here. No, There.

Dear New Yorkers: Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em. And then go get more of ’em. Sincerely, Albany.

Ordinance to ban smoking still up in the air

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The smoke-ban saga continues and could carry on after the November election. Here’s a quick summary of what’s happened, the latest update and a rundown of what might come next.

As state smoking ban nears, company touts e-cigarettes

JOHNSON CREEK — What appears to be smoke dissipates quickly, and there is no lingering smell.

Seneca: Cigarette tax bill is a throwback to ‘termination era’

IRVING, N.Y. – A bill passed by the New York State legislature to force Indian businesses to collect state taxes on cigarettes sold on reservations violates treaty rights and won’t work, Indian leaders said.

Is the ban on smoking in public still in place?

Between May 1st 2008 and June 1st of the same year, the federal capital territory authority embarked on what some termed an energetic mass oriented campaign, aimed at educating the residents on the ills of smoking and its attendant effects on the society. It was to serve as a precursor to the eventual ban on smoking in public places, a move which expectedly heralded its own unique brand of controversy. While many Abuja residents welcomed the move as timely, not a few others viewed it as a direct attack on their rights and privileges as residents of the capital city.

Clearing The Air On Tobacco Order 2005

As long as you smoke in an area not listed on the ‘prohibited’ list of the Tobacco Order 2005, then you will not face the penalty of a fine.

Proposal would allow food service in restaurant bars that allow smoking

Although voters delivered a clear message with passage of the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act in 2006 that they didn’t want smoking in restaurants, state health officials this morning will consider a regulation that anti-smoking advocates say would violate the law.