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Altria vs. the FDA: More than a Mild Dispute

Marlboro Lights are no more. From now on smokers will have to ask for Corporations do not change iconic brands lightly. In this case cigarette manufacturer Altria Group (MO) had no choice. The Food & Drug Administration, which as of last year regulates tobacco products, banned the use of the words “mild,” “light,” or “low tar” on packages effective on June 22. The agency says such cigarettes are just as harmful as regular ones.

African Tobacco Growers Threatened by WHO Anti-Smoking Treaty

As the international health community increases its efforts to fight smoking, the International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA) is

Flavoured tobacco ban excludes menthol

GENEVA, - The United States rejected on Tuesday a call by Indonesia for a World Trade Organization panel to rule on their dispute over the U.S. ban on clove-flavoured cigarettes.

The Tobacco Leopard

We are both veterans of the tobacco wars and so are not surprised at the industry’s recent attempt to block New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s effort to remind citizens of the grim dangers of smoking by requiring stores that sell tobacco products to post graphic posters of the consequences of lighting up. To us this is the same old, same old tobacco industry tactic of frivolous litigation to obstruct any program that focuses attention on the killing and crippling consequences of using tobacco products as directed.

Smoking can reduce poverty, improve lives

Smoking can actually improve lives, although indirectly, contrary to the popular notion that smoking simply “kills.” Thus, if President-elect Noynoy Aquino insists on smoking in Cabinet meetings, while there may be truth to health advocates’ claim that his secondhand smoke can kill his Cabinet members eventually, in the immediate, his smoking can, in fact, improve the plight particularly of the poor.

Will Pennsylvania tobacco stores benefit from N.Y. cigarette tax?

cigarettes store

Smoking rates remain steady in LA County

Even as more cities and counties join the fight against tobacco, the number of smokers in Los Angeles County has remained steadycigarettes smokers since 2002, according to a new study. Read the report.

Philip Morris to buy tobacco directly from Brazilian growers

RICHMOND, Va. - Philip Morris International Inc. is bringing American-style direct-from-growers purchasing of tobacco to one of the world’s biggest producers, Brazil — but it doesn’t signal the international giant is pulling back from the U.S. leaf market.

Regulation of Smoking in Public Housing

Although the hazards of exposure to tobacco smoke are well established, and laws mandating smoke-free indoor air are widespread, private homes have long been considered spaces beyond the legitimate reach of regulation. Reflecting this view, the federal government has not required public-housing units to be smoke-free. Historically, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has maintained that although local Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) may opt to ban smoking, they are not required to do so.