Daily Archives: September 27, 2010

Athletes attacked for smoking habits

When footballer Wayne Rooney was spotted having a cigarette on several occasions during his break between the World Cup and [caption id="attachment_7211" align="alignright" width="304" caption="England and Manchester United\'s Wayne Rooney is one of the sport\'s most high-profile young stars"]England and Manchester United's Wayne Rooney[/caption]the start of the Premier League season, there was outrage.

Greeks fume over smoking ban

For the fourth time in a decade, Greece’s government has imposed a sweeping smoking baninfosmoking ban, determined to wean its nicotine-needy nation from cigarettes. Almost instantly after it came into effect on Sept. 1, ashtrays vanished from closed offices, cafés and restaurants. No-smoking signs donned on walls. And scores of green-capped municipal officers fanned out to inspect public premises while countless smokers dutifully took their burning butts outside – the only place where smoking is permitted.