Daily Archives: October 15, 2010

Has Obama Raised Taxes?

As American taxpayers wait to see whether Congress will extend the Bush tax cuts — and for which taxpayers, if it does — some critics of President Obama say he’s already reneged on his 2008 campaign pledge not to raise taxes on anyone but the rich.

World set to follow Australian tobacco policy

DESPITE intense opposition from the international tobacco industry, Australia’s plan to introduce plain-wrap cigarettes is likely to be followed by other countries, the Health Minister, Nicola Roxon says.

Bigger Warning Label Requirements Disserve Canadian Consumers And Undermine Property Rights

Under a recent proposal, Health Canada regulators are seeking to increase the size of graphic warnings on tobacco products to 75% of the package. Enactment of this proposal would be dramatic, leaving available just one-quarter of a legal product’s packaging for branding and consumer information. Yet there is little if any evidence to support the assumption that such increased warnings will actually alter smokers’ behavior. More importantly, government agencies are ignoring an opportunity to use the cigarette package to inform smokers of alternative smokeless tobacco and nicotine products, which carry far less risks than smoking. Finally, increasing the graphic warnings at the expense of the brand also amounts to a diminution of the trademark, which in turn may facilitate the counterfeit trade of cigarettes. Health Canada’s proposal raises troubling concerns for all consumers and property owners.

Debate at Hearing on Smoking Ban in NY Parks

A New York City Council public hearing on a proposed smoking ban in city parks evolved into an hours-long, occasionally raucous Enjoying a smoke in NY City Hall Parkshowdown Thursday afternoon, touching on issues such as civil liberties, public health, big government and litter.