Daily Archives: October 29, 2010

Big Impact for Newport Non-Menthol?

NEW YORK — As Lorillard Tobacco Co. prepares to launch non-menthol-newport in early November, retailers seem ready Newport Non-Mentholfor the new offering. According to “rough-math” research from UBS Securities LLC, the new cigarette could take as much as a 0.5% share of the total cigarette category (close to 5% of total Newport volumes) over the next 12 months.

Removing cigarette butts: Chinese city’s controversial hygiene campaign

XI’AN, - How does a Chinese city get rid of unpleasant cigarette butts discarded in public places? Should it slap heavy fines, set up cigarettes buts bring moneyblaring loudspeakers, or train red-armband wearing staffs to remind careless smokers?

Defiant Greeks Prepare to Keep Smoking as Ban Compounds Economy

Athens restaurant owner Petros Migdos says it’s not just policies to tackle the ailing Greek economy that are hurting his business, it’s also one greece smoking adsaimed at improving the health of his countrymen.