Daily Archives: December 9, 2010

New York State tax increase turn smokers to Indian reservations and neighboring states

Sales of cigarettes in legal points of sale have dropped a dramatic 27 percent across the state after the largest cigarette tax in the New York smokersU.S. was implemented this July, a Post analysis shown.
Law-abiding retailers have sold approximately of 30 million packs of cigarettes per month from July to December — nearly 11 million fewer compared to the period before Gov. Paterson and the Legislature increased the state excise tax on cigarettes up to $4.35 per pack in a desperate attempt to collect extra revenue for the cash-starved budget.

Detroit may ban smoking in public housing

The world for Michigan’s smokers may be shrinking again. Already illegal to light up in public buildings, bars, restaurants and — by Detroit may ban smokingJuly 1 — on University of Michigan campuses, smoking bans are moving inside some public housing, too.

Tobacco lobbying preceded label retreat

Health Canada’s abrupt decision in September to back down from expanding warning labels on cigarette packages came after tobacco company lobbyists waged a co-ordinated, sometimes secretive lobbying campaign, CBC News has learned.