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King County wants to ban public e-cigarette smoking

Five years after Washington residents voted to ban smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipes in public places, King County wants to add one more ban public e-cigarette smokingthing to the list: Electronic cigarettes.

Tobacco Exposure in Children Who Live in Multiunit Housing

Tobacco-smoke exposure causes illness in children, including asthma and respiratory infections, and has been associated with Tobacco Exposure in Childrensudden infant death syndrome, metabolic syndrome, and otitis media. There is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke. Very low levels of tobaccosmoke exposure have been associated with attenuated endothelial function in children, as well as decreased scores on reading, math, and block-design tests of cognitive function. Morbidity has been documented in those with the lowest levels of cotinine (0.015– 0.5 ng/ mL), and these children have greater rates of conduct disorder. Even brief exposure to ambient tobacco smoke can decrease lung function and cause persistent elevations in inflammatory cytokines.