Daily Archives: December 15, 2010

New York’s Anti-Smoking Campaigns Should be Improved

New York is falling through in its anti-smoking campaign, according to the annual report conducted by the public health organizations.anti smoking
The given report was titled as, “A Broken Promise to Our Children” and was released by American Heart Association, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, American Cancer Society and American Lung Association.

Teens Choosing Marijuana Over Cigarettes

After nearly a decade in decline, marijuana is making a strong comeback among teens, with more high school seniors reporting that they had recently smoked pot than cigarettes, according to a government survey issued Tuesday.

Smoking bans may benefit kids with asthma

Children with asthma who live in areas with “smoke-free” laws may suffer fewer bouts of coughing and wheezing as a result, a new Kids with asthmastudy suggests.