Hookah Tobacco Facts and Myths

Hookahs have slowly advanced their way into lifestyle of Europe and America. The cigar bars of yesteryears are now getting replaced with these hookah smoking factsHookah bars. Hookah cafes bring back all those days where the friends can gather at one place.

Many Entrepreneurs have already started new hookah cafes. Now the area required for opening the bars is less and there can be low investment during initial stage. It has shown really good profits and these cafes are generally visited by 2 or 3 people or in group generally.

Hookahs initially in past days are made of brass and glass and today they have been transformed using steel, acrylic and crystal. Hookah Shisha is quite popular these days and many manufacturers are interesting in developing or making this in different flavors. These flavors include orange, fruity juices and bubble gums and vanilla. These are of high production now and more than 50 flavors are produced. It is a fact that a person can smoke the bowl of tobacco for more than hour so generally a group of friends prefer to have a bowl.

Earlier when Turkish invented this tobacco, when smoking with the pipes the temperature is nearly equal to burning smoke. Later this was made to cool to a limited temperature which got popular in few days. And this procedure even filters some ingredients like tar. So now rather than burning, heating is preferred. That reduces the amount of nicotine released while smoking.

Today Hookah tobacco is much preferred to cigarettes. These contain natural ingredients glycerin, sugar and other natural flavors. Compared to cigars this is less harmful. As cigar bars are socially accepted it is no doubt that these hookah bars will also be widely accepted. Research is still going on to find more effects of this tobacco.

Myths and the Truths

MYTH: Hookah smoke is filtered through water so it filters out any harmful ingredients.
TRUTH: Smoking tobacco through water does not filter out cancer-causing chemicals. Water-filtered smoke can damage the lungs and heart as much as cigarette smoke.

MYTH: Inhaling hookah smoke does not burn the lungs, so it is not unhealthy.
TRUTH : The hookah smoke does not burn the lungs when inhaled because is cooled through the water in the base of the hookah. Even though the smoke is cooled, it still contains carcinogens and it is still unhealthy.

MYTH: Smoking hookahs are healthier than smoking cigarettes.
TRUTH: Hookah smoke is just as dangerous as cigarette smoke. Hookahs generate smoke in different ways: cigarette smoke is generated by burning tobacco, while hookah smoke is produced by heating tobacco in a bowl using charcoal. The end product is the same—smoke, containing carcinogens.

MYTH: Smoking a hookah is not as addictive as smoking a cigarette because there is no nicotine.
TRUTH: Just like regular tobacco, shisha contains nicotine. In fact, in a 60-minute hookah session, smokers are exposed to 100 to 200 times the volume of smoke inhaled from a single cigarette.

MYTH: Herbal shisha is healthier than regular shisha.
TRUTH: Just like smoking herbal or “natural” cigarettes, herbal shisha exposes the smoker to tar and carcinogens.

MYTH: Shisha tobacco contains fruit, so is healthier than regular tobacco.
TRUTH: Tobacco is tobacco, no matter how you look at it. Shisha is often soaked in molasses or honey and mixed with fruit, but it still contains cancer-causing chemicals and nicotine. Stick to traditional methods of getting fruit—eat an orange.

Quick Facts

  • Compared to a single cigarette, hookah smoke is known to contain:
  • Higher levels of arsenic, lead, and nickel1
  • 36 times more tar6
  • 15 times more carbon monoxide4
  • Smoking a hookah requires taking longer and harder drags, increasing levels of inhaled
  • nicotine and carcinogens in the lungs.
  • The longer the hookah session, the more nicotine and toxins one takes in.
  • A 45 to 60 minute hookah session exposes the smoker to approximately the same amount
  • of tar and nicotine as one pack of cigarettes. 3
  • Sharing mouthpieces without washing them can increase the risk of spreading colds, flu,
  • and infections—even oral herpes.7
  • Health risks of smoking hookahs include cancer, heart disease, lung damage, and dental
  • disease.5
  • Do not think that if you are just visiting a hookah bar, that you are in the clear. There are still
  • high levels of damaging secondhand smoke to all who are present.

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