Daily Archives: January 5, 2011

Lorillrd Fights to Snuff Menthol Ban

Lorillard Inc., maker of the U.S.’s leading menthol cigarette brand, is engaged in a fierce battle to prevent the Food and Drug Newport cigarettesAdministration from banning a product that accounts for roughly 90% of its sales.

Ultra-Low Carcinogen Moist Snuff Tobacco Product

GLEN ALLEN, Va., - Star Scientific, Inc. reports that it has successfully developed a moist snuff tobacco product that has extremely low levels of carcinogens — much lower than any snuff products currently in the marketplace. This new product has levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) — recognized by scientists worldwide as one of the most powerful cancer-causing agents in tobacco leaf and smoke — below 20 parts per billion (nanograms-per-gram moist weight, as used) in initial testing. This is 99% lower than the levels found in conventional American moist snuffs such as Copenhagen or Skoal, and 90% less than the level found in current “snus” products. Moist snuff products account for the largest portion of the smokeless tobacco market (73%) and this has been the fastest growing segment of the tobacco marketplace in the United States in recent years. First-quarter 2010 sales alone increased at a rate of 7%.

Statewide smoking ban possible in ’11 session

Most people agree crafting a budget will be the biggest hurdle for lawmakers as they return to the Capitol this week, but they also will have several other issues, including immigration reform and a statewide smoking ban, that could heat up the 2011 session.