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Can Tobacco Company Dividends Stay High?

Some of the highest dividend-paying stocks have been the tobacco companies. Altria Group Inc. (NYSE: MO), Philip Morris International Inc. (NYSE: PM), British American Tobacco plc (AMEX: BTI), Reynolds American Inc. (NYSE: RAI), Lorillard, Inc. (NYSE: LO), and Vector Group Ltd. (NYSE: VGR) have posted solid dividend yields for the past year, and the only issue now is whether or not the companies can keep it up.

China has failed on tobacco control, needs major reforms

For five decades, Lao Long’s lungs have endured cigarette after cigarette—thousands of cigarettes inhaled with chemicals and China smokerscarcinogens ingested with each puff. Smoking had been a comforting and relaxing short-term pleasure for Lao, but the advent of lung cancer now has him filled with regret and struggling for his life. In Beijing’s Xuanwu Hospital, Lao stares undauntedly at the needle slowly penetrating the vein in his hand. Needles rate as a minor nuisance compared to the harrowing reality of lung cancer. Along with Lao, the surgical ward has more than 40 lung cancer patients, with the youngest just over 30, and like Lao, 90 percent have smoked for decades. The fatal disease has converted the majority to an anti-smoking stance, where their regret has brought them the resolve to finally quit. “It’s about time we understand that life is much more important than smoking,” Lao said.

Mexico hikes price of cigarettes

After ringing in the New Year Mexico’s smokers will face a tax increase for cigarettes, but whether this will cut down on smoking remains to be seen.

Californians Continue to Smoke Less

The number of California smokers has continued to decrease more than the national average, according to data presented by the avatar smokestate health officials. However there are evident discordances in gender, education, income and ethnicity.