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Business called Roll Your Own

Calyn Ball took the initiative and four weeks ago, she found a job.roll cigarettes

Raising state tobacco tax will save lives, save state money

State Sen. Mike Gloor of Grand Island said introduction of legislation to increase the state’s tax on tobacco products has been needed for a long time.

Cigarette displays do encourage smoking, researcher says

In the last series of Mad Men, the directors of Sterling Cooper stopped just short of hurling themselves from the 23rd floor down on cigarettes displaysto Madison Avenue in a collective suicide pact after hearing that they had lost the contract to advertise Lucky Strike cigarettes. Some 45 years on in the real world, and tobacco advertising is banned on this side of the Atlantic and severely restricted in the US. Canada has gone further by banning attractive, back-lit displays of cigarette packets near the tills of shops and supermarkets. So, too, have Iceland, Norway, some Australian states and the Republic of Ireland. Not the UK, however. Not yet anyway.

Is Missouri Ready to Raise Its Very Low Cigarette Tax?

At the Welcome Smokers shop on Missouri Boulevard in the Missouri state capital, a pack of Marlboro reds, the world’s most popular Cigarettes price risebrand, costs $5.14. By contrast, a pack of the same cigarettes runs as much as $13 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.