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2010: The best year for tobacco control

Public health campaigners are often critical of governments. We argue that not enough is being done. We worry about the magnitude tobacco controlof the problems we face, the direct and indirect opposition, the slow pace of action, and the reluctance of politicians to give prevention the priority it merits.

Smoking grows in China despite govt efforts

Puffing officials no role model for youthchina smokers
By Lin Yang

China joined the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2003, ratified the convention in 2006, and has vowed several times to take serious action. In Beijing, the earliest smoking restrictions were passed as early as 1995, prohibiting lighting-up in large public venues like schools and stadiums.

Debate over statewide smoking ban in Kentucky

The Kentucky Legislature is looking at a bill that would establish a smoking ban across the state, impacting all public buildings. The Smoking banIndiana General Assembly also is considering a statewide smoking ban during its current session.

Indiana plan to exempt casinos from smoking ban

INDIANAPOLIS – A House committee plans to exempt casinos from a bill imposing a statewide smoking ban after an analyst said the casino smokingstate could lose nearly $200 million annually if customers can’t smoke at gambling venues.