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A tobacco ban fiasco

A new year comes with new resolutions. Some people may have decided to eat healthier and some may have decided to quit Smoking Ban fiascosmoking. There is good news for potential cigarette quitters who live in Great Neck, NY. Smoking has now been banned on the public sidewalks outside of businesses.

Making Money From Alcohol And Tobacco

If you’re looking to buy shares in a stable business which has good growth prospects and pays a reasonable dividend, and you don’t consider yourself to be an ethical investor, you could do far worse than to have a look at the multinational alcohol and tobacco manufacturers.

Do smoke-free laws affect revenues in pubs and restaurants?

In many countries, the propagation of smoke-free air policies has been slowed by fears that restrictions on smoking may have a pub and restaurantnegative impact on businesses. The most vigorous debate has revolved around the business activity of pubs and restaurants. Debates centre on the claim that there will be a loss of revenue as a result of smokers visiting these establishments less frequently, cutting their visits shorter and spending less money than they otherwise would if smoking were permitted. Against this, it is argued that the premise that smokers would change their habits is wrong or that even if some smokers reduce their visits, it could be balanced by non-smokers increasing their visits. An extensive and growing body of literature on the economic impact of smoke-free policies in the hospitality sector shows that smoke-free air policies have no economic impact on restaurants, pubs and other segments of the hospitality industry, with the possible exception of gaming establishments. However, most of this research has been conducted in regions of the world with a climate less hostile to outdoor smoking than the cold and wet Norwegian climate. In addition, many studies have also been limited to a short time period after the law was introduced, and few studies have had the data to compare and analyse the effects for restaurants and bars separately. This article contributes to the existing literature by examining the long-term effects of the law on smoke-free environments separately on the revenues of pubs and restaurants in a geographical region with a cold climate.