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Smoking scenes in movies lights up smokers’ brains

If your New Year’s resolutions include a plan to give up smoking, you might want to avoid the TV and steer clear of movies for a Smoking scenes in movieswhile, too.

The Most Promising Dividends in Tobacco

Dividend payers deserve a berth in any long-term stock portfolio. But seemingly attractive dividend yields are not always as fetching as they may appear. Let’s see which companies in the tobacco industry offer the most promising dividends.

Teens Highly Susceptible to Tobacco Advertising

Every year the tobacco industry spends literally, billions of dollars on promotion, sponsorship and advertising. Tobacco advertising increases teen smokerstobacco consumption. Teens are at especially high risk of starting to smoke product advertisements and viewing such ads alone is guaranteed to start more youths on this habit.

California Revamps Its Campaign Against Smoking

It is easy to create advertising that sells a product. It is more difficult to create advertising that un-sells a behavior.no smoking sign