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St. Louis City Bars and Clubs That Have Applied for a Smoking Ban Exemption

The unofficial list of city bars that have applied for an exemption from the smoking ban.City Bar

Trouble for Renault F1 Team during Montreal’s Formula One

The revival of the legendary John Player Special-Lotus colours may be great for nostalgic Formula One fans, but the historic black Renault F1 Teamand gold paint scheme may cause some headaches for its team during Canadian Grand Prix in June.

What Brand of Cigarettes smoke Young Canadian

Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada released today results from the Youth Smoking Survey showing the brand preferences of children in elementary and high-schools, as well as estimates of the revenues received by governments, multinational tobacco companies and retailers from youth smoking.

Government revenues and industry profits from youth smoking

The data were taken from the Public Use Microdata of the 2008‐2009 Youth Smoking Survey, which is administered by the Propel Centre for Population Health Impact.