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Kentucky and Tobacco: It’s Complicated

Today, the 64-year-old Union resident raises about 4 acres of tobacco a year, one of a dwindling number of small tobacco farmers in Northern Kentucky and TobaccoKentucky. Concerns about cancer and other health problems related to tobacco have caused demand for the crop to wither in the last decade.

Bulgaria to place Bulgartabac for sale in February

Bulgaria’s state cigarette producer Bulgartabac Holding will be declared for privatization in February 2011, according to the Economy Bulgartabac HoldingMinistry.

Tobacco industry adapts to world of fewer smokers

By any name or variety you choose — call it snuff, dip, chew or plug — smokeless tobacco is making a comeback, and Tennessee tobacco producersfarmers, factory workers and consumers are playing a major role in the renewed buzz.