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E-cigarette faces ban as safety debate rages over unregulated quit-smoking device

Advocates believe e-cigarettes provide a stepping-stone to quitting, but opponents say their health impact is unknown. Now New York is considering a state-wide ban…

Major Reason For Shorter Life Spans in U.S.

WASHINGTON — The nation’s history of heavy smoking is a major reason why lifespans in the U.S. fall short of those in many other Shorter Life Spanshigh-income nations, and evidence suggests that current obesity levels also play a substantial part, says a new report from the National Research Council.

University of Michigan ready to go smoke-free

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Smokers will not be able to light up on the University of Michigan campus beginning July 1st. michigan-uni

Are e-cigarettes too good to be true?

Some of us smokers received, over the holidays, the well-intended gift of e-cigarettes to save us from the deadly carcinogens of realelectronic cigarettes cigarettes. But not so fast; this supposedly ingenious solution to the most addictive substance ever known to man may actually give us more problems than its promised cure.

40 states fail in tobacco prevention

cigarettes smokeA new report card gives the U.S. government relatively high marks for advances in treating people with tobacco-related illnesses, but gives low or failing grades to most states as their anti-smoking programs falter.

India may ban Foreign Cigarette Companies in the Wholesale Marketing

Foreign cigarette companies could soon find it harder to sell their products in India. The government is looking into a proposal to ban Wholesale cigarettes Marketingforeign direct investment (FDI) in the wholesale marketing arms of these companies. It is also exploring the possibility of shifting the import of tobacco products from the open general licence (OGL) to the restricted list.

How to Distinguish a Counterfeit Tobacco Product?

It was found that daily in South Africa are sold more than 15 million illicit tobacco products and the returns are used to sponsor Counterfeit Tobacco Productorganized underworld.

New York gets mixed grades on tobacco control

ALBANY — New York received failing grades from the American Lung Association Thursday for the amount of money it spends on New Yorktobacco prevention and health care coverage for cessation, but it earned A’s for its smoking laws and cigarette tax.

Test drives for the new Williamsburg Camels

R.J. Reynolds just started selling the “Williamsburg” version of its — and I don’t know whether to be offended as a smoker, a new Camel williamsburgWilliamsburger or a human being.