Daily Archives: February 4, 2011

Cuomo sees $130 million from tax on cigarettes

ALBANY — The proposed state budget assumes the state will collect $130 million in excise taxes on cigarettes sold by Indian obama economyretailers, making Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo the fifth governor vowing to end tax-free tobacco sales.

Higher cigarette prices help Reynolds American

RICHMOND, Va. — Cigarette maker Reynolds American Inc. said Thursday its net income rose more than 43 percent in the fourth camel cigarettes salequarter on higher prices and lower costs, even though it sold fewer cigarettes.

US cities that ban smoking in public parks

New York City lawmakers voted Feb. 2 to ban smoking outdoors in public parks, public beaches, and even Times Square. The Big smoking in public parksApple is the latest major US city to prohibit smoking in parks and other public spaces, adopting laws that are tougher than its home state’s. Such laws are a boon to public health and reduce litter in urban parks, say supporters. Critics say they are yet another instance of “big government” encroachment on personal freedoms and are almost impossible to enforce.