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China Dependent On Tobacco In More Ways Than One

As if on a pilgrimage trail, visitors to the city of Yuxi in southwest China pose for photographs beside eight cigarette-like pillars and tobacco-factory-in-Chinathen in front of a hilltop red pagoda, instantly recognizable to most Chinese from the cigarette packets of the Hongta — or Red Pagoda — group.

China become major market for Cuban export

Winston Churchill and Fidel Castro fed the mystique, but it is Chinese smokers who could ultimately save the Cuban cigar.Cuban cigars

A Cuban cigar for women: Julieta says goodbye to Romeo

Cuba’s state-owned tobacco company is wooing women, with their very own version of the famous Havana cigar - in spite of the cigars factorywell-known health risks of cigar smoking. But is cigar-smoking destined to remain a man’s world?