70 % of Texas Voters Back up Smoke-Free Law

A currently conducted poll demonstrates that 70% of Texas voters want to ban smoking in indoor work and public places.texas qiut
“It is very pleasant to hear that Texans want to breathe clean indoor air. That is why, now it is the most appropriate time for the Texas Legislature to implement this bill, which will protect our citizens from the well-known hazards of second-hand smoke,” stated Doug Ulman, LIVESTRONG president.

The given poll showed that among Texas voters:

  • 63% want to vote for a state legislator who backs up the smoke-free law.
  • 85% think that secondhand smoke is a dangerous health hazard.
  • 76% suppose that the right of employees and customers to breathe clean air in bars, restaurants and other establishments is more important than the right of smokers to light up and business owners to permit smoking.
  • 90% believe that all workers must be protected from exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace.

“All Texans should have the right to work in a smoke-free workplace. Exposure to secondhand smoke unjustly puts at risk the health of non-smokers thus creating an unhealthy working environment for everyone. We should make the smoke-free workplaces a reality,” stated Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst.

Smoke-Free Texas Coalition includes various organizations such as: the American Cancer Society, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, LIVESTRONG and many others. The given coalition was created to prompt the Texas Legislature in an attempt to adopt a statewide smoke-free law in 2011 and to assure a clean indoor air.

Senate Bill 355 and House Bill 670 suggest to pass a comprehensive smoke-free legislation that would assure all Texans with protection from the hazards of second-hand smoke exposure in the workplaces.

“The most important moment of this bill is that it will save lives and taxpayer money,” stated Texas Senator Rodney Ellis.

“The poll demonstrates clearly that the great number of Texans understand the effect smoking has on health and our economy. Senate Bill 355 will improve the health of many Texans and save our money,” he said.

“29 states have already adopted the comprehensive smoke-free laws similar to House Bill 670 and various researches proof that smoke-free workplace laws have brought to evident savings for state governments, declared Texas Representative Myra Crownover.

Second-hand smoke kills about 53,000 non-smoking Americans yearly and is a main cause of lung cancer, premature birth and other serious diseases. A report presented by the U.S. Surgeon General, which is considered as the most comprehensive on the health impact of secondhand smoke demonstrated that there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.

3 responses to “70 % of Texas Voters Back up Smoke-Free Law

  1. Michael J. McFadden

    Something to be aware of when you see these “polls” claiming that “most people want a ban.” You’ll note that the numbers almost always come in at between 70 and 80%. That’s not an accident. These polls are usually bought and paid for by antismoking interests that are awash in tax money and can afford to hire the “best” pollsters to produce the results they want.

    To give an example of what I am talking about, just visit the webpages of The Mellman Group. Check out their blurb about what they offer:

    “Some pollsters simply report on opinions. We use the most sophisticated analytical tools available to understand the motivations of consumers and voters so we can intervene in their decision-making processes to produce the outcomes our clients want.” . . . . { http://www.mellmangroup.com/win.htm }

    Without knowing and intelligently evaluating the survey details and processes themselves, surveys are meaningless, particularly when sponsored by an advocacy group.

    Michael J. McFadden,
    Author of “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains”

  2. michael johnson

    Indeed I support the ban as well in fact I support a 3 dollar increase in taxes when it comes to cigarettes per pack sold. If we want to get serious about getting healthy and cutting budget defecits we need to strangle peoples ability to smoke period. Same with alcohol. These substances kill and destroy more lives per year than any war ever fought. Ban cigarettes all together or make them so expensive people can’t afford to smoke any longer either way lives will be saved

  3. William Lovelace

    There are two types of people in this world. They are damn fools and non-tobacco users !

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