Daily Archives: March 18, 2011

New Candy Flavored Tobacco Products become popular among Teens

OLYMPIA ¾ More Washington students are making healthier choices by avoiding alcohol according to a recent survey of kids in our teensmokingstate. But declines in cigarette smoking continue to stall and an increase in new candy-flavored tobacco products is a growing concern.

Tobacco industry report says menthol cigarettes aren’t riskier

RICHMOND, Va. - Menthol cigarettes are no riskier than regular cigarettes and shouldn’t be regulated differently, the tobacco cigarettes smokeindustry argues in a report to the Food and Drug Administration first obtained by The Associated Press.

Florida’s prisons ban smoking

TALLAHASSEE — Two decades after a Pinellas County legislator first proposed it, Florida is finally ready to outlaw smoking by prisonprisoninmates.